Forensic Background & Asset Research Services

Investigative services and professional consulting delivered online. We service debt buyers, law firms, creditors and consumers across the globe.


Need to recover a debt? No contracts, subscriptions or logins. Confidential & Anonymous.

How much debt have you written off?

Whether you loaned a friend $100 or your business is owed millions in unpaid debt, it is a loss and you are a creditor with creditor rights.  Millions of dollars in debt goes uncollected every year for various reasons:

  • It is expensive or time-consuming to find high quality information needed to make a decision about how, or if, to proceed with collection;
  • The cost of pursuing collection sometimes equals or outweighs the amount of the debt because the correct collection strategy was not developed; or
  • After spending money to obtain a judgment, little to nothing is collected and the loss increases because the creditor did not know how to proceed.

What we do and how we do it.

  • Our team of experts with backgrounds in the finance, collection and legal industries evaluate the client’s needs and complete research using the most comprehensive resources available.  While we specialize in serving creditors and law firms, we also offer affordable services to the public.  Whether you’re a school administrator or parent researching an applicant or a caregiver, or whether you need to know more about the new neighbor.
  • Our data is collected from multiple vendors and sources, including skip tracing systems, analytics companies, and millions of public and private databases with proprietary software.
  • We empower our clients to make informed decisions.


The process is simple.

  • Once a research request is ordered online, the client receives an immediate reply with a receipt.
  • Upon receiving the information needed, our team completes the research process and delivers the report to the client via email in PDF format within 1-2 business days.
  • What separates us in the industry? We combine consulting services with comprehensive data packaged in low, flat fees. Quick and convenient online delivery with continuing client support at no extra charge.
  • Serving debt buyers, law firms, businesses creditors and consumers across the globe.


Debt buyers often spend a lot of time and money doing their own due diligence, or resort to sources that produce low quality information with little or no client services. We specialize in providing efficient, professional client services (online or telephonic) so that our debt buyer clients have all the information and ongoing support they need to evaluate the likelihood of being able to collect from a debtor, better negotiate the terms of a debt purchase / assignment and develop a strategic plan to pursue collection (or choose not to make an offer to purchase the debt).


Business owners and individuals write off billions of dollars. They often do not know whether hiring an attorney to sue the debtor and obtain a judgment will be worth the money, especially if the chance of actually collecting the money is unknown. Other times, the options for collecting without the need for litigation is unknown.  We provide business owners and individuals with the comprehensive information they need to evaluate the debt scenario and make decisions about how to proceed.


All too often judgments often end up sitting in the courthouse and, if not renewed, ultimately expire and the time and expense taken to obtain the judgment is lost on top of the original judgment balance.  We empower judgment creditors to evaluate the debt scenario and develop a strategic plan to pursue collection. The process is fast, easy and inexpensive, yet enables the judgment holder to understand the facts surrounding the options for resolving the judgment.